Passion for Presentation

In 2017, I began a journey in website design. Searching for a new career path that would allow me to hone in on my creative side, I started researching programs in web development and quickly realized that small  businesses in my area were looking for quality website design without paying thousands to market their brand. I knew I didn't have to complete years of training to provide clientele with what they were looking for and could save individuals the pain of a hefty price tag.  
I utilize a website editor that business owners can choose to manage after the initial design is complete. I provide training guides for those that want to manage their own site after the bulk of the work is finished because I understand that as a small business owner, saving money is important. If you don't want to manage your own website - that's okay too! I am happy to offer ongoing maintenance when needed. 
I provide free initial consultation (up to two hours) to determine style, theme, and overall image you're shooting for. After the initial consultation, I will develop a comprehensive budget that we will review before I begin the design process. I will keep in touch with you through every step to make sure we are both on the same page; I believe communication is key to any working relationship! 


IAABC Certified Animal Behavior Consultant


Owner/Consultant -PupPartners™
IAABC Shelter Division Affiliate
Constance Dwyer